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Chubby Angels came to founder Leonard C. Anderson while driving through his hometown on a beautiful summer's day.

He suddenly realized you don't see kids outside anymore; they're all inside getting diabetes.

Chubby Angels want to see a world where seeing a kid outside is common and not the equivalent to spotting something you don't see very often, like a Bald Eagle.

“I was a fat kid in the '80s and '90s when there weren't very many of us. We were alone, scared, and hungry for snacks.”


According to researchers:

92% of children polled in the '90s knew what a pie chart was. That number dropped in the 2000s to 81 percent. And in 2018, when children were asked, "what is a pie chart?" They responded, "did you say pies?"

  • 60% of Adults wear sweatpants to weddings.
  • 70% of Children think Mountain Dew is water.
  • 100% of wheelchairs are now the size of love seats.